Rent boat for event in Ibiza

The large private boats are developed with a specific objective, to ensure that a large number of passengers can take a walk in the sea, in a very safe and comfortable way at the same time. These types of boats can be expensive, so many opt for their rental.

Very expensive maintenance

These boats have a high price in the market, besides having an equal maintenance expense; so one of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of this type of boat, without having to go bankrupt, is to rent it.

When a boat with large dimensions is rented, it must be done in a company of recognized prestige, that guarantees the confidence of the person and that has a quality service that can guarantee an incredible evening in one of the large vessels of the company .

The best boat rental company in Ibiza, is Barracuda Ibiza. The company is considered one of the best of its kind on the island, so it is no surprise that over the years, new branches of the company have been created in other regions near Ibiza.

Very varied fleet

Barracuda Ibiza has a large fleet of large ships for events, all created to ensure that a large number of people can stay at sea for a long time, without the risk of the ship being damaged or being put in risk the stability of passengers.

The company’s boats come with a special design, designed to make passengers feel in a space of luxury and comfort. It is necessary to emphasize that the company’s ships come with different designs and capacities, although the capacity per ship is not less than that of 40 passengers.